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About Club Connoisseur

We at Club Connoisseur believe life is too short to settle for drinking bland spirits that fill every supermarket. If you are tired of drinking the same spirits at bars and at parties - whether it is a certain Russian vodka or whisky from Tennessee - then you will find something different at Club Connoisseur. We want to tell the nation about spirits of character, craft and, most importantly, flavour. If you want to intrigue your friends at parties, surprise a loved-one with the gift, or you simply want to indulge and treat yourself, then join the club.


Our passion is spirits; we are always seeking a new gin, vodka, whisky or rum from the far flung corners in the world.

Our travels to Africa, Asia, South America and Europe have allowed us to enjoy drinks that are superior to the spirits offered in our super markets by familiar mainstream producers. We have discovered products made with more thought, more care and more passion. Our mission now is to offer the UK the chance to experiment with and embrace these new spirits.

This is only the start for us. As we continue our journey to discover a whole range of novel, independent and craft spirits, we would like you to jump on board. Our promise is to bring you the finest gins, rums, whiskies and vodkas that we uncover. If you are bold, brave and don't simply follow the crowd, then get involved and join CLUB CONNOISSEUR!


Members of Club Connoisseur receive our monthly newsletter containing member-only offers, competitions and invites to tasting events. It's completely FREE to join, so rise above from the norm, shed the mundane and - as we say at Club Connoisseur - "Live well, drink better!"