The End of single use plastic!

At Club Connoisseur we care about the environment and the future of our planet but we have to be honest that wasn’t always the case. As younger men we were unaware of the consequences of some of our actions, which is probably the same as many of our generation. 

In recent years we have taken more and more interest in the environment but for us (no doubt as for lots of other people) it was the incredible Blue Planet narrated by one of the greatest men to ever live, Sir David Attenborough that really made it hit home. The distressing scenes of the dead carcass of a young pilot whale potentially poisoned by its mother’s plastic contaminated milk or the hawksbill turtle caught tangled in a plastic sack are now etched in the memory and shocked us along with the rest of the UK as to what we are doing to our planet.

Plastic has been an incredible invention for businesses across the globe, introduced in the early 1900’s, it is cheap, easy to manufacture, waterproof and incredibly versatile. All of these qualities mean it is no wonder it has been such a popular choice for virtually every industry and the drinks industry is certainly no different.  Attenborough states it is impossible to completely do away with plastic but by acting now and making simple changes to our behaviours we can help reverse the damage we have done before we regret it.

At Club Connoisseur we are passionate about making sure we reduce the use of plastics in our packaging so we are not adding to the problem. Our boxes are made from ecological cardboard that is 100% recyclable, the bubble wrap we use to ensure your bottles reach you safely is 100% biodegradable and we use Paper tape from our friends at instead of Sellotape to keep our packages secure. If any products we sell or are included in our subscription boxes do use plastics we will inform our customers so they can be recycled. We truly believe it is a great thing that awareness of this problem is increasing, and together if we can all work towards reducing our single use plastic consumption, there is real hope that we can start to reverse the devastation we are currently causing our planet.   

Neil Hayes