The Perfect Negroni!

Of all the classic cocktails the Negroni although simple in its design with just 3 ingredients is full of flavour, character and is a great starting point for any home bartender. 

Legend has it that the concept of equal parts of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari originated in Italy in 1919 when Count Camillo Negroni of Florence demanded a stronger version of his favourite cocktail the Americano. So he requested the bartender of the Caffee Casoni bar in Florence to swap the soda for Gin (always a good decision in our eyes) and the Negroni was born. 

The love for this Italian Classic has gone from strength to strength in recent years with the Ginvasion we have seen in the UK and it makes for the perfect Apertif.

When making this ultimate pre-dinner cocktail the selection of Gin is key and we believe this classic works best with a classic Gin with traditional Juniper dominance such as Fair Juniper Gin which brings a smooth quality required for such a strong cocktail. For the sweet vermouth you cannot go wrong with Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino, created to a family recipe from over 100 years ago and a previous winner of Spirit of the Year it adds a real richness that any good Negroni requires. These key players are then complimented by Campari which is again steeped in both history and mystery with a recipe that despite being created in 1860 still remains a secret today. It’s combination of fruit, bitter herbs, aromatic plants, water and alcohol has had many experts guessing to the list of ingredients anywhere from 20 to 80 but only those who produce it really know the answer.

So our suggestion for the perfect Negroni:

25 ml Fair Juniper Gin

25 ml Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino

25ml Campari

Pour all 3 ingredients in a mixing glass over ice, turn several times and then strain into a rocks glass with 3 large cubes of ice. Garnish with a single orange twist or slice but before placing in the glass run the orange around the rim of the glass. Getting some orange oils on the glass adds to the aroma and will help elevate your Negroni to the level as it picks up on some of the orange flavours from the Campari. Lastly but most importantly…….enjoy!   

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