The world's most expensive Gin!

A bottle of Gin that is believed to be the most expensive in the world has gone on sale this week for £4,000!

There are only 25 hand made porcelain bottles available and it takes 2 years to make using leaves from an ancient Mulberry Tree. Each leaf is hand picked and individually dried and the Gin is then distilled to an ABV of 64% which is incredibly strong for a Gin. The producers Jam Jar Gin of London describe it’s flavour profile as “smokey, long & deceptively smooth”.

If your budget cannot quite stretch to the 70cl bottle you can also purchase a 3cl Jar of the Gin which comes with a porcelain cup carried inside a leather, hand-bossed case for a mere £200.

I’m afraid our subscription boxes won’t be including the miniature of this bottle but we still have plenty of amazing Gins to bring you, so come join the club.

Neil Hayes